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The Palan Foundation is a proud supporter of the Hindu forum of Europe Diwali festival for the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 which took place at the European Parliament in Brussels.

 Formed in 2006, the Hindu forum of Europe in collaboration with a group of Hindu organisations across Europe. The goal of the Hindu forum of Europe is to promote and spread the European values of interfaith, friendship and peaceful coexistence. It aims to build communities for the citizens and governments that are consistent and unified and upholds European values of human dignity by drawing on the Hindu ethos that is rooted in respect for all traditions, cultures, religions, and beliefs.

To achieve all these goals the forum does activities that try and meet the aims of the forum. These activities include Diwali festive celebration to share values and build harmony, celebrate world yoga day for health and wellbeing, conferences with religious leaders to share the values, tradition, and beliefs and learn from those conferences and many more.

In 2017, the Hindi forum was visited by an inspiring personality, the current Prime Minister of India- Mr. Narendra Modi. This shows that the forum is highly supported and dedicated to achieve their goals and help the commodity in any way possible.

The forum is operated under Dr.Lakshmi Vyas who is currently the president of the Hindu Forum of Europe. Being the president of the Hindu forum of Europe is not the only feather in her hat, she is also the SACRE member (Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education for Royal Borough of Greenwich), a religious education councillor, and former college principal are some to name. She is also the writer of three books on environmental science and publisher of many reputed papers and journals which makes her the perfect candidate for the job.

The Palan Foundation shares the same values and thoughts as Hindu forum of Europe which is the reason why it has supported Diwali festival for Hindu forum of Europe from the year 2017 in the hope to get the whole world together in harmony with the help of ‘Diwali’, a festival which gets everyone together.

The Palan Foundation is well known for hosting the Trafalgar square London famous Diwali event and has a dream to spread this festival all around the world where people can get together and learn from each other. The foundation seeks to expand it and has reached Brussels with the help of the Hindu forum of Europe in the hope of getting achieving their dream of spreading the festival of lights all around the world.

 The Diwali celebration in Brussels was done at the European parliament with around 220 guests which included the Vice President, MEPs, Ambassadors, NGOs, Spiritual Leaders, Academicians, professors, and the guest. The event began with the traditional spiritual ritual of lighting the lamps. The event was conducted to spread the message of shared values and the integration between the European members and Hindu Community which was well stressed upon by ambassador of India, Ms. Gaitri Kumar. The speech was followed by some words by other present chief guests talking about the activities that they have been conducting and milestones that are achieved with warm wishes. The first half ended with appreciating the main supporters, The Palan foundation for their contribution to the cause.

 The second half consisted of a gala dinner and some speeches and cultural dance performed by Britain’s award-winning Arunima Kumar dance company followed by a soulful santoor recital by Padmashree Pandit Satish Vyas of which the highlight was the fusion of Indian and European music which was appreciated by all. The performance depicted the tradition of Indian culture and spread the message of love and harmony which is the whole reason for Diwali.

Mr. Nitin Palan, the main sponsor was felicitated for being awarded and honoured ‘MBE’ by Queen of England. In his speech, he hopes that in the coming years Diwali also is celebrated more widely in all European countries by millions of people’. The event was a huge success sharing the relevance and importance of the Hindu diaspora. Acknowledgement of traditional practices such as the lighting of the lamp, prayers and spiritual discourses was treasured by all in attendance.