Opportunity for young girls, Randesan- India


Fight Against Poverty

Palan Foundation aims to fight against poverty, the one way is to increase literacy and empower women. An empowered woman can make a difference in society. In urban regions, it is easy for girls to get a good education but in small villages, they have to face hardships. BAPS organization started a girl’s residential school Baps Swaminarayan Vidyamandir located in Randesan near Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Knowledge and Enlightement

Swaminarayan Vidyamandir believes knowledge leads to enlightenment and is committed to providing a warm, secure and supportive environment. To unlock their latent potential, and assist them to achieve their aspirations both personally and professionally. It encourages the holistic development of every girl by providing a range of athletic, artistic activities. It inoculates values of discipline, integrity, and service as a part of its education, and empowers every girl with the confidence and courage to contribute to the global community. This vision of BAPS is supported by Palan Foundation.


The school provides high equipped facilities like a library, e-library, laboratories, computer lab, and science activity centers, separate rooms for art and crafts, cooling, music, indoor sports stadium, grand prayer hall, outdoor sports pitches. The lush green campus is spread over 18 acres and is home to 800 students from 5th – 12th grades.

Annual Day

In the 2018 Annual Day, Ms. Kamu Palan expressed her admiration for school and its facilities. She praised teachers for their outstanding work and was very happy to see a change in girls for speaking confidently, scoring good marks and Ms. Palan is very grateful to be one of the main supporters of this school and to be a part of this generous act to uplift girls.

Shaping Young Lives

 To make a change in girls' life to make them independent and trying to provide the best of education so they can fly and aspire their dreams and transform a community and alleviate poverty in the nation, especially girls from families for whom it is not easy to access good education. This contribution of the Palan Foundation in the society is remarkable and fundraising for a school and staff is carried out so they can continue this service to make a beautiful life for everyone.


To support this project please visit: https://www.palanfoundation.co.uk/support_us.aspx and for more information visit: https://www.baps.org/SVM/Randesan.aspx.