Ukai Site Report

Situated on the banks of Tapi River, Ukai is a small town in Gujarat, India. The youth is the future of any country and to make sure every individual can gain knowledge without any discomfort and be motivated to progress academically and spiritually, BAPS Swaminarayan Chhatralaya has been constructed to accommodate students attending colleges and universities in the surrounding. Managed by sadhus and volunteers the hostels hold more than 100 students and caters to their needs for comfortable and affordable boarding.

BAPS mandirs are not only a centre of culture but it also is a promoter of traditional values. At mandirs organizes classes to teach the Indian scriptural study, instruction in traditional dance and music classes to make sure that the traditional art is not forgotten. Apart from classes about religious values and culture, mandirs also focus on youth development, women empowerment, healthy lifestyle and family bonding by organizing activities like college preparation classes, women conferences, sports tournament and events for family get together and with the help of sponsors like Palan foundation it was made possible to complete roof level construction of mandirs at Don and Ghodchit village which will be ready to be utilized within 3 months.    

                   Ghodchit Village                                         Don Village


Chimkuwa, Don, Hirawadi, Maiyali, Ghodchit are small villages that are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced world. Palan Foundation is planning to install 5 television sets of INR 67475/- at Temka, Malangdev, Maiyali and Hirawadi villages. At Chimkuwa, it has been installed and operating. In an attempt to make the villages connected with the rest of the world through the means of television. Updates about what’s happening around the world and knowledge and information can be gained by the people of the village through television. 

                                                                       Chimkuwa village

Mandir Prana pratishtha at Maiyali village was celebrated on June 08th, 2017 which is open to the public now. Prana Pratishtha is a ritual by which a murti is consecrated in a Hindu temple.



Also, the Palan Foundation has installed play equipment for children at Hirawadi village which will help their physical development.