Hindu Matters in Britain

HMB offers a voice to the British Hindu community – Hindus of Britain are relevant. Hindus need to be counted; participate in the policy-making process and play a key role in public life.

HMB is not religious, nor political. It offers an informed opinion based on facts, research and current data available. HMB is a conduit to represent the views of the British Hindu community, and how it is represented within the mainstream. HMB hopes to provide an overall viewpoint so that people can make an informed decision on issues that matter to them.

The Hindu community has been well established in the United Kingdom, especially in the last few decades, although the first visitors established themselves in Britain since the 19th century.

The Hindu community has made great inroads into settling firmly into the roots of the modern British identity. The fourth and fifth generation of British Hindus are now coming to the forefront.

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