Inspiring Young Minds

A single-decker bus exhibits the brave work of Indian soldier during World War 1. With an audio-visual manifestation, Golden-tours owned bus will further inspire younger generation to shed light on the Indian participation in war. This project of remembering the Indian soldiers during the World War 1 is a concept of ‘Inspiring Young Minds’.

A contribution made during the Great War by our Indian soldiers was forgotten by their own family members and villagers. Following this, Palan Foundation launched a project called ‘Remembering Indian Soldiers in WW1 : India 1914’. A series of events concluded how the individuals made an impact on shared remembrance.

Significant success of this project describes the contribution of Indian soldiers of WW1 in Great Britain. ‘Meeting of the minds’ held in Brighton resulted in reaching out to the young lads and their families, moreover it encourages sharing the stage with experts. Amid cultures and Nationalities, today the British province has increased number of immigrants and ancestors in shaping the country.

Our target is to provide knowledge of Indian contribution during the WW1, to share a history and documentation of war heroes with children, Organize a trip to Museum and remembrance symbols as well. Other than this, Palan Foundation will share dais with local MPs to produce awareness of this concept. After participating in the project, Community members will achieve educational stuffs to rewind the history.